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Free your Angel

Free Your Angel is a metaphorical fantasy painting about not inhibiting or limiting your loved ones without a wise purpose.

I would say that this type of artwork is typical of what I prefer to create, which often is about contrasts in different forms. In this case, it is partly about an innocent young girl (angel) who has been imprisoned (inhibited), in a dark, cold and barren place. In other words, not a place for an ”angel”. From this place she can look out through an opening towards paradise where she belongs. A one and the same picture can tell many different stories and I think it’s fun to hear the viewer’s story that is rarely similar to mine. Would you say that ”the glimpse of paradise” intensifies the suffering of the imprisoned angel or that it alleviates?

Free your angel, with more to gain

Most of us have been in a similar situation where we have in some way been inhibited as human beings and not infrequently the inhibition has taken place by people who use power without wise purpose. What good purpose is in given scenarios can of course be discussed, but I think ”common sense” can advocate how I think.

Free your angel is, in short, a call to people who control their loved ones, to try to let go of reins that make no sense. This is not least to let them flourish as human beings to their full potential. If not, it’s more about controlling and abusing power, without reasonable sense.

Speaking of power abusers, maybe I should create a painting titled ”Hangman”. I’ll think for a while about how that painting could be visualized, but in fact I’ve already devised that. The question is more whether it should be painted or not.

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