My photographic background

When I was at a very young age, I got Grandpa’s System Camera Kit – I think it was Nikon. (Nowadays I’m using Canon and mostly Elinchrom products) . Back then there were no digital cameras, so I learned how to shoot with analog film. From that moment, I started my journey in photography. A lot has happened since then, and I hope it will continue to do so, for as long as I live.

Of course, the common denominator between painting and photograping is the ”picture”, if we assume how I view the matter. From the very beginning it’s all about a passion to create images with a certain ambition. And to find a specific style or expression.

When I came to a point where I wanted to advance in my painting, to create my own art in a personal expression, I also started using the camera even more. I photographed ”reference material” for the paintings. I also photographed models, to finally visualize the idea I had for a specific painting. The main purpose was to get good pre-requisites for my paintings.

Digital Photo Art

Over the years, photography with its digital capabilities has escalated for me, so nowadays the photographic part of my creation can stand on its own. The purpose of my digital photo art is mainly to create good pre-requisites for my painting art. What does not result in paintings remains a work of its own in the form of a photograph or photograph art. I continue to develop an interest in this art form or technique in parallel with painting. Now I only need to live for about 300 more years to catch up with everything I want to create.