Here at the Gallery, you can find the type of galleries that can be found on this homepage. You can find specific  gallery in main menu as well.

My main focus in my creative creation, over the years, has become oil painting on canvas. After all the different painting techniques / mediums I have tested over the years, oil painting is the medium I consider to be the most challenging and flexible.

Digital Art & Photography gallery

In the Photography & Digital Art Gallery, I basically show two types of pictures. One is more ”photo art”, with all it can mean. And the other is more ”clean and cut photography”, ie photos that I only digitally developed with minimal retouch.

Digital Art is a road in my creativeness, which mostly consists of photos, 100% of me. The remaining that is not of photographic content is ”other digital manipulation” – usually ”digital painting”. The images I create this way is a concrete visual result based on my image ideas.

Many years ago, I created this kind of photo art, only to be used as a reference support when creating oil paintings. Nowadays, my digital art stands on its own, even though a few of them will become oil paintings.

Bonus galleries


In ”Bonus galleries” I show a collection of photos in a structured mess, which I usually do not show in social media. Scroll down and you’ll find galleris like ”Island – an adventurous photo-trip, and ”Norrland” – waterfalls, streams and nature.


Iceland is a nature photographer’s endless universe of amazing nature. Mountains and cool valleys. Waterfall after waterfall in magnificent landscapes with incredible greenery. I decided to take a photo tour. See the selection of photos from places like Glymur, Pórsmörk, Gullfoss, Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss.


I’ve been to a lot of places in the world, as far away as you can get from Sweden, just to experience sights. But now it was time to discover more of Sweden, especially the north, because I’ve barely been to north of Sundsvall, so I decided on a photo tour with my ”love”. We zigzagged from Söderhamn to Gäddede , via Fulufjället and Njupeskär in the northern parts of Dalarna. The final destination Gäddede, near the border of Norway, also became close to an overdose of fantastic nature! Hidden places like Brakkåfallet made our chins drop – ”is this really Sweden” !? It was so good that we went there again, so now we are some memories richer of fantastic waterfalls, streams and magnificent scenery.

”Photographing insects”

Every summer I take occasions to photograph insects, and this is a bit of a sport. So if you want to do it with a fantastic result it requires a lot of commitment. In my case I have been quite easy with this, but clearly it would be fun to photograph ”closer” than with a 1:1 Macro. At really close-ups of the insects, we have many ”monsters” around us but also a lot of colorful characters.