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This site is basically all about my calling and passion for Painting & Photography, which I’ve dedicated most of my life to, since childhood. I’m using this site to show more of my creative side, which is about creating images the way I prefer. What I have developed since childhood is today a more enduring niche in oil painting, but photography in its digital form also have a natural place here. In fact, it dominates the page and so maybe it stays, because it is much easier to produce photos than paintings, based on how I want them to look. The paintings generally require 4 times the time of a work of digital photo art. When a painting is finished, it also needs be photographed, so there are more moments than in the digital form to end up here.


When Paul Stanley from Kiss talked about their basic vision of the band, they wanted to create a band they had never seen before. They were obviously inspired by many different bands and styles, but found their own expression early on.

It’s the same starting point for me, though from an art-creating perspective. I have many sources of inspiration, but regardless of old or modern ”masters” in various genres, there is always something I can miss from them to make it fit with me completely. What I lack in other ”good art” I try to develop in what I create myself.



In my artistic creation, I am driven by a passion to develop the art, whose path I started very early. I probably created paintings already in my mother’s stomach. Regardless of oil painting or digital photo art, in addition to the technical details, there are common denominators about what makes a picture good or not. By my dimensions and criteria, of course, we all feel a little different, totally different or maybe the same.


Feelings in colors and shapes

However and whatever I develop in my art, there is endless much to continue to improve on. In other words, there is really no definite main goal, other than continuing to develop the conditions, for what I hope to create in the future.

This is just a wonderful journey into a creative world of emotions in colors, shapes, imagination and maybe even a glimpse of ”reality”. Here is room for everything! Suitable to quote Albert Einstein – ”Logic takes you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere” .


Digital art by Garip Jensen that shows "Rock n roll Jesus" with the quote "those-who-can-make-you-believe-absurdities"

A brief overview of the website

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Oil painting is the niche in the art of painting that has captured my complete presence for many years. Most manners are fun of course, but the oil painting still feels unlimited. My developed style of art  has been shaped by discipline and passion and will continue so until my days are counted. My next painting is just as fun to start every time! When I’ve photographed any of my paintings, they will end up here

Photography & Digital Art

Here I have collected a mix of photographs that have been edited very little, as well as the ambitiously edited photos which may be more to be seen as ” Digital Art ”.


Art & Passion, Painting & Photography – that sums up what Garip Jensen is all about. Through this page you can read a little more about my art, and see when I create a 500 square meters painting. You can also read about my 13 years in the karate national team, with videos from karate competitions around the world. There is also a list of my karate qualifications to take part of.

See also subpages to ”Garip”: The ArtPhotographyKarateThe Big Picture

Bonus Gallery – Iceland, an adventurous photo journey

Iceland is a nature photographer’s endless universe of amazing nature. Mountains, hots springs and cool valleys, waterfalls after waterfalls in magnificent landscapes with incredible greenery. I decided to take a photo tour, to discover Iceland. See the selection of photos from places like Glymur, Þórsmörk, Gullfoss, Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss.

Bonus Gallery –  Norrland

I have been to many places in the world, and as far away as you can get from Sweden, just to experience sights and capture impressions. It was time to discover more of Sweden, especially up north, to Norrland, because I haven’t been up more north than Sundsvall. So I decided on a photo tour with my ”love”. We zigzagged from Söderhamn to Gäddede, via the mountains and Njupeskär in the north of Dalarna.

The final destination Gäddede, near the border of Norway, also became close to an overdose of fantastic nature! When we arrived to such a hidden place like Brakkåfallet our jaws dropped – ”is this really Sweden”!? We went there again because it was so good. Fantastic waterfalls, streams and magnificent scenery was some of the attractions, and now we’re some memories richer.