Free Your Angel

Free Your Angel is a fantasy artwork I created, about letting your loved ones be who they are with their full potential to do what they want.

This type of artwork I would say is typical of what I prefer to create, and it’s about contrasts in all forms. In this case, it is partly about a beautiful, young angel who has been imprisoned. The place is barren, dark and cold, in other words not a place for an angel. She can look through an opening towards paradise where she really should be, which strengthens the contrast.

Free Your Angel

Most of us have certainly been in a similar situation, where we were somehow inhibited. If your purpose has a good meaning, then there is no reason to be inhibited. On the contrary, you should strengthen what you want to achieve with your life. Then of course you can discuss individual cases about what is a good purpose, but I think most people with common sense understand what I mean.

Free your angel refers to people who control their loved ones, that they should release the reins to let them bloom as humans. If not, it’s just about controlling and abusing power, for no reasonable meaning.

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