Rock N Roll Jesus

Rock N Roll Jesus ”Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities”

The resurrection of the rock n roll jesus

I created the picture when thinking of people who slavishly follow whatever thoughts would apply to a particular religion.  The picture shows the idea of ​​a resurrected ”Rock n roll Jesus”, with everything he could represent. A hard rocker of today would surely listen to this prophet head-banging, but a more conservative Christian would condemn. If this was the real Jesus, we would have a world of hard-rockin’ followers. They would probably condemn the belief in Christianity we have been talking about for a while. This Jesus had undeniably turned water into beer, in this version of the fairy tale :).

ONE religion ONE truth?

I grew up in a home of mixed cultures and have since childhood wondered about people’s relationship to religion. People are obviously born into culture and religion, but incredibly few seem to reflect on why they think as they do. Nations, communities and strong leaders (parents) are, of course, easy to follow and difficult to break free from.

A Free Man

I like the idea of ​​being a ”free man” with everything that could possibly mean, although of course everything is relative. I also like not being limited as a human being, where something would inhibit me in what would be a positive path for me. In any religion there are wise thoughts, and complete idiotic thoughts as well.
Isn’t it better to let your thoughts be more opened to every way of thinking? To follow everything that is good in your / my sense regardless any religion?
Regardless of fairy tales, abstract ideas or just nonsense, religion or guidelines have a positive effect on most people. Unfortunately, all too often common sense is lacking for a variety of reasons and this is probably what the image ”rock n roll jesus” can speak for. Voltaire from which the quote for the picture is borrowed was probably a very wise person of his time.

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