Chapter Four

Chapter four is a mix of fantasy painting and realism in general – an oil painting of 2.5 meters canvas. My fascination with paintings was from the beginning about portraits. Painting portraits would be what I wanted to develop and become good at. The idea that stopped me was not to be limited in what I wanted to create. For me, imagination is a factor that takes creativity to the next level, so I didn’t want to limit myself.

Never be restricted

The idea of ​​”just painting portraits”, or ”just nature” or ”just something else” led me to intertwine whatever I wanted to paint. Portrait of course, but it often became a full figure, because I also wanted to paint nature for example. And preferably a visualized imagination. So Chapter four is really a mix of what I wanted to paint, for this time. When it comes to not being limited, I still set boundaries for things I can’t stand for in the end. So far I am on the playful side of my creation.

Oljemålning av Garip Jensen - Chapter four.

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