Opposites Attract

The oil painting “Opposites Attract” has been a fun challenge to create. It all starts in the usual order with a picture idea, which I then visualize. Sometimes I sketch the idea until I am satisfied with the arrangement. Then I look for models that are suitable for the charachter, which can be a challenge in itself to find. One of the models would be of a tougher darker feature (Angelica Ericsson) while the opposite would be light and ”innocent” (Laura Marken), to strengthen differences in character. Then, time is set for photography in my “home studio” where many images are shot. In the end I select the best photos, which will be further processed.

The photo session

For Opposites Attract, I had to photograph the models separately, as one of the models was prevented from coming to the photoshoot. The trick here was to get facial expressions and to look in the opposite models eyes. The perspectives and lighting that match was also something to be accurate about. Each session would have looked very odd if you didn’t know what was expected of the final image. The kitchen table had to match the cutting blocks and the counterparts had to be surround speakers on a tripod. Most of the environment in the painting is largely digitally painted for the sketch itself. Sometimes I have used previously photographed environments for texture and detail. The final painting is ”hard core oil painting”.

Oil painting - "opposits attract" created by the swedish artist Garip Jensen. A mix of fantasy and realism.

Watch the short sneak peak time-lapse of the process of creating Opposites Attract

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